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Ten Suggestions on How to Use the Breviary Without Learning the Office


  1. Use the Legend (short biography of the Saint of the day) found in the E Section as an additional reading at Morning or Evening Prayer.

  2. Use the patristic Homily found in the E Section (when given) as either an additional reading at Morning or Evening Prayer or the subject of private meditation.

  3. Recite the wonderful metric Hymns for each office found in either the A Section (for all but Matins) or the B Section (Matins) as part of private morning or evening prayer, or themselves as a short devotion on the way to or from work, or during the lunch hour.

  4. Use the Invitatory antiphon for each day of the week (p. A12) as a verse recited before and after Psalm 95 in the Morning Prayer service from the Prayer Book.

  5. Use the appropriate seasonal Marian Antiphon (pp. A8-A9) as part of morning or evening devotions.

  6. Recite the Psalms in the B Section on each day of the week (Lauds in the morning, Sext at lunchtime, and Vespers in the evening).

  7. Read the Scriptural lesson of the day in the C Section as one's daily Bible reading and private meditation.

  8. Recite the Office of the Dead (H Section), which is self-contained and straightforward, once per month as an offering for the Holy Souls.

  9. Use the Prayer Before the Office and the Prayer After the Office (pp. A1 and A10) before and after the Prayer Book's morning and evening services.

  10. Combine elements of the above.

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