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The Anglican Breviary Discussion Board

All are welcome to visit the Anglican Breviary discussion forum located at Yahoo Groups.  This is a board dedicated to topics related to the Divine Office of the western Church, and especially its recitation according to the Anglican Breviary.

Please observe these guidelines when using the forum:

1. Anonymous posting is not permitted, and a maximum of one or two guest posts will be allowed.  Following those, the moderator will request that the guest complete free registration and supply a true name.

2. Posts should be respectful, polite, and on-topic.  The Anglican Breviary is used by Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran Christians.  Please refrain from polemical or inflammatory posts, and trust that regular recitation of the Breviary offices will bring all orthodox Christians into that unity which is agreeable to God's Will.

Please join us as we support one another in offering our daily prayers "decently and in order."  (I Corinthians 14:40).

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